Wildfly CRUD example with Docker

I’m not that familiar with pure Java EE stack. My experience is mostly mixing Java EE with Spring. So, I just wanted to play with it. You can find it here:

Java EE
Apache Deltaspike (similiar to Spring Data)
H2 Database

It is just an example and far from real application. It will be required to add tests for sure and it would be interesting to do it this way:
Docker with Arquillian Cube

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IntelliJ Guide For Eclipse Users

  1. Download free IntelliJ Community Edition or Ultimate (30-day trial)
  2. We are using Gradle so Community Version can be good enough for our development but free version doesn’t have support for frameworks like Spring so it could cause problems.
  3. There is also Google version -> Android Studio, but I don’t think it’s good for Java or Java EE development
  4. Gradle, Groovy, Maven etc. are supported as a standard, no additional plugins needed
  5. You may need to add Gradle_Home and Java_Home for gradle: File-> type: “Gradle” in search field and add them
  6. Here is official tutorial for Eclipse users and below you can find some articles “why IntelliJ is better” etc. Continue reading