Docker + Fedora Linux

sudo dnf update
curl -fsSL | sh
sudo systemctl start docker
sudo docker run hello-world
sudo groupadd docker
sudo usermod -aG docker your_username
docker run hello-world
sudo systemctl enable docker
sudo systemctl stop docker
sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/docker
Change to "OPTIONS=--selinux-enabled -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock"
sudo systemctl start docker

Docker docs
Docker configuring
Very easy. Next blog entry about Wildfly CRUD with docker.
docker run jboss/wildfly


Introduction to Scala World

Some time ago I did a presentation about Scala language. Check it here.

Most links inside can be found in learning resources.

The others:

Interesting Stuff – Volume VIII

  1. Oracle, Java EE 8 Drama & releted stuff:
  2. Coconut  simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming language
  3. Elixir v1.3 released
  4. High-Performance JDBC by Vlad Mihalcea
  5. 5 ways to initialize lazy relationsships and when to use them
  6. infoShare 2016 – videos
  7. Confitura 2016 – video
  8. Exception Handling in Real-Life Java Applications
  9. Javaslang – functional library for Java 8+
  10. JUnit 5 – Basics
  11. Apache DeltaSpike – looking for something like Spring Data?
  12. Close Encounters of The Java Memory Model Kind
  13. JDK™ 9 Early Access Releases
  14. WhatPulse – all you need to know everything about your computing habits
  15. 2016 State of DevOps Report
  16. Java 9 Additions To Optional
  17. GraphQL
  18. What is WebAssembly?
  19. Build Your First Thing With WebAssembly
  20. @MockBean
  21. Gradle Native C & C++ Build Tool Guide

akka-http-slick-guice example

Forked from


  • Guice added
  • Changed Routes to Get, Put, Post, Delete
  • Changed urls
  • Changed Json Parser from Lift to akka-http/Spray one
  • Some fixes

Check example here:

  • akka-http : REST
  • slick : database access & relational mapping
  • guice: dependency injection