Ratpack Framework

So, I heard that Java is not only about Spring or Java EE  🙂 There are also: Ratpack, Lagom, SparkJava, Akka…Below, you will find great informations about Ratpack 🙂 Check this first.

“Ratpack’s goals from docs  are:

  1. To be fast, scalable, and efficient (Ratpack server  is up in 1 second)
  2. To allow applications to evolve in complexity without compromise
  3. To leverage the benefits of non-blocking programming and reduce the costs
  4. To be flexible and unopinionated when it comes to integrating other tools and libraries
  5. To allow applications to be easily and thoroughly tested

Ratpacks’s goals are not:

  1. To be a fully integrated, “full stack” solution
  2. Provide every feature you might need in a neat box
  3. To provide an architecture or framework for “business logic”
When to use Ratpack?
  • Micro-services
  • High-througthput apps
  • Lightweight apps
  • Cloud Deployments”


  1. Rapid Java Web Application Development with Ratpack + github + video
  2. Devoxx Poland 2016 – Laurent Doguin – A practical RxJava example with Ratpack +github
  3. A CRUD REST API with Couchbase, RxJava and Ratpack
  4. Modern Java Web
  5. Ratpack & Spring Boot and here
  6. Sping & Ratpack Slideshare
  7. Great post About Ratpack by Rafael Salerno
  8. Testing [1], [2],[3]
  9. Often jOOQ is used with Ratpack, instead of Hibernate.

Interesting Stuff – Volume IX

  1. Java EE 8 & 9 Road map
  2. Load Balancing Microservices with Ha-Proxy
  3. Java 2016 videos
  4. JavaZone 2016 videos
  5. RxJava in legacy projects
  6. Spring 5: Functional Web Framework
  7. RxJava 1.0 vs RxJava 2.0 vs Reactor – Benchmarks
  8. Apache Solr Tutorial
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  18. Live debugging Java with docker
  19. How Uber manages million writes per second using Mesos and Cassandra

Wildfly CRUD example with Docker

I’m not that familiar with pure Java EE stack. My experience is mostly mixing Java EE with Spring. So, I just wanted to play with it. You can find it here:

Java EE
Apache Deltaspike (similiar to Spring Data)
H2 Database

It is just an example and far from real application. It will be required to add tests for sure and it would be interesting to do it this way:
Docker with Arquillian Cube

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Docker + Fedora Linux

sudo dnf update
curl -fsSL https://get.docker.com/ | sh
sudo systemctl start docker
sudo docker run hello-world
sudo groupadd docker
sudo usermod -aG docker your_username
docker run hello-world
sudo systemctl enable docker
sudo systemctl stop docker
sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/docker
Change to "OPTIONS=--selinux-enabled -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock"
sudo systemctl start docker

Docker docs
Docker configuring
Very easy. Next blog entry about Wildfly CRUD with docker.
docker run jboss/wildfly

Interesting Stuff – Volume VIII

  1. Oracle, Java EE 8 Drama & releted stuff:
  2. Coconut  simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming language
  3. Elixir v1.3 released
  4. High-Performance JDBC by Vlad Mihalcea
  5. 5 ways to initialize lazy relationsships and when to use them
  6. infoShare 2016 – videos
  7. Confitura 2016 – video
  8. Exception Handling in Real-Life Java Applications
  9. Javaslang – functional library for Java 8+
  10. JUnit 5 – Basics
  11. Apache DeltaSpike – looking for something like Spring Data?
  12. Close Encounters of The Java Memory Model Kind
  13. JDK™ 9 Early Access Releases
  14. WhatPulse – all you need to know everything about your computing habits
  15. 2016 State of DevOps Report
  16. Java 9 Additions To Optional
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  19. Build Your First Thing With WebAssembly
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  21. Gradle Native C & C++ Build Tool Guide