Ratpack Framework

So, I heard that Java is not only about Spring or Java EE  🙂 There are also: Ratpack, Lagom, SparkJava, Akka…Below, you will find great informations about Ratpack 🙂 Check this first.

“Ratpack’s goals from docs  are:

  1. To be fast, scalable, and efficient (Ratpack server  is up in 1 second)
  2. To allow applications to evolve in complexity without compromise
  3. To leverage the benefits of non-blocking programming and reduce the costs
  4. To be flexible and unopinionated when it comes to integrating other tools and libraries
  5. To allow applications to be easily and thoroughly tested

Ratpacks’s goals are not:

  1. To be a fully integrated, “full stack” solution
  2. Provide every feature you might need in a neat box
  3. To provide an architecture or framework for “business logic”
When to use Ratpack?
  • Micro-services
  • High-througthput apps
  • Lightweight apps
  • Cloud Deployments”


  1. Rapid Java Web Application Development with Ratpack + github + video
  2. Devoxx Poland 2016 – Laurent Doguin – A practical RxJava example with Ratpack +github
  3. A CRUD REST API with Couchbase, RxJava and Ratpack
  4. Modern Java Web
  5. Ratpack & Spring Boot and here
  6. Sping & Ratpack Slideshare
  7. Great post About Ratpack by Rafael Salerno
  8. Testing [1], [2],[3]
  9. Often jOOQ is used with Ratpack, instead of Hibernate.

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