Interesting Stuff – Volume VII

  1. Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results
  2. Rust Programming Language
  3. Left-pad npm Node.js Drama
  4. Analyzing Scala popularity
  5. Scala Center
  6. Lightbend Lagom – Reactive Microservices
  7. DevTools in Spring Boot 1.3 (LiveReload included) and here 
  8. Free IT Stuff from Bottega
  9. Java Concurrency Essentials Tutorial
  10. Understanding Callable and Spring DeferredResult
  11. Spark Testing Base
  12. Spring Boot Cucumber Example
  13. 10 Awesome Python Tutorials to Kick-Start your Projects
  14. Four Strategies for Organizing Code
  15. Jinkubator #41 – Kotlin – Paweł Byszewski

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