Interesting Stuff – Volume VI

  1. Project Lombok – small but nice tool
  2. Hystrix – Managing failures in distributed systems – WJUG
  3. RxJava & Hystrix – perfect match for distributed applications – Confitura
  4. Garbage Collector w pigułce – WJUG
  5. -XX:+UseG1GC – Confitura
  6. JVM Internals – WJUG
  7. CompletableFuture i nie tylko – programowanie reaktywne w Javie
  8. Building microservices with Scala and akka-http
  9. Exploring Message Brokers
  10. Top 25 JMS (Java Message Service) Interview Questions
  11. Difference between completableFuture,Future and Observable Rxjava
  12. IntelliJ IDEA Early Access Program

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