Scala Learning Resources

So… I know a little bit of Groovy language, but only a little 😉 Mostly used with Gradle or with Spock Framework. But, I decided to learn Scala…first (instead of Groovy) language to learn new paradigm – functional programming. Didn’t tried Scala yet, but I gathered some nice learning resources, so I can share it 🙂

  1. Official Scala Docs
  2. Scala Tutorial for Java Programmers
  3. Learning Scalaz – Scalaz by
  4. Examples, Tests, Code – Scalaz
  5. Generic programming for Scala
  6. Functional Programming Principles in Scala – by by Martin Odersky
  7. – with online interpreter available
  9. Scala Exercises
  10. Why use Scala?
  11. Scala School
  12. Scala for Java Refugees – Daniel Spiewak’s blog
  13. Awesome Scala
  14. Reddit – Scala
  15. Strategic Scala Style
  16. Scala Style Guide by rxin
  17. Scala Style Guide by official docs
  18. Awesome Scala
  19. Books:
    1. Functional Programming in Scala – Paul Chiusano & Rúnar Bjarnason
    2. Programming in Scala – Martin Odersky
    3. Scala for the Impatient – Cay S. Horstmann
    4. Scala in Depth – Joshua D. Suereth
  20. Download Scala Here
  21. IDE:
    1. Scala IDE – Eclipse based
    2. Scala Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA – check it here

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