How to speed up your work ?

Make your life easier. Some conclusions…

  1. Think before you act
  2. Write only the code you need at the moment
  3. Know what you’re doing
  4. Keep It Simple, Stupid
  5. Done is better than perfect
  6. Become a touch typist
  7. Clean code
  8. Second monitor (with FullHD and IPS screen)
  9. SSD drive
  10. Learn your IDE or Text Editor or both
  11. Get plugins for that IDE
  12. Learn shortcuts
  13. Learn command-line
  14. Write a code that will generate the code
  15. Comfortable keyboard (and workplace)
  16. Use pen & paper during programming
  17. Make notes
  18. Too noisy at work? Use headphones with white noise
  19. Eliminate distractions
  20. Learn DevOps or hire one 🙂

Still learning some of these. 😉


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